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The future of health.

rebirth-active was developed in years of research by leading scientists. It is the perfect marriage of human experts with artificial intelligence.

Studies of people aged 8-80 years show the superior effect on improving the health of all ages. Many companies are also already using them to improve the health and performance of their employees.

Businesses have a serious health problem.
Over 70% of employees in Germany have at least one of the following diseases and nearly half have two or more. The result: companies without a comprehensive health concept for their employees have 33% more sick days.

100% individualized + efficacy clinically tested
From a medical point of view, a uniform solution for all people can not achieve sustainable health effects. Every human being is unique in his state of health and needs an individual lifestyle intervention.

We help your employees to change their behavior sustainably –

for a healthier life

Our doctors carry out health checkups for your employees directly on site. Based on the data and the permanent monitoring of the activities (exercise, nutrition, stress, sleep, body values) by fitness trackers, we manage to improve the health and well-being of your employees. This significantly lowers the illness costs of your company.

Quick to use and easy to scale

The individual rebirth-active program for your employees will be implemented in a maximum of 2 months. Our team of experts accompanies your employees throughout the process to ensure that it is successfully implemented.

Outstanding employee satisfaction

The application-friendly smartphone app has been used by many thousands of people. With modules for weight management, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. rebirth-active has a solution for all your employees.

Successful and sustainable

After 12 months, 95% of the participants are still active in the rebirth-active program. By combining the easy-to-use App with a fitness tracker and with the coaching by our team of experts, employees stick to the rebirth-active programs and achieve sustainable results.

Exceptionally good results

Because of their high acceptance, their employees stay healthy or become healthier. In this way, we help your company reduce its medical expenses and achieve its goals.

Important company overviews

You will receive a first report on the initial status of all employees at the beginning of the rebirth-active program. In addition, ongoing company reports provide you with the changes over time and show, for example, the preferred activities, involvement, potential health risks, etc. The data is displayed anonymously in various dimensions, e.g. by gender, age groups, etc .


– the comprehensive health program with outstanding success

rebirth-active helps by


Hypertension prevention and management

Diabetes prevention and management

Metabolic syndrome

Comorbidity of high blood pressure and diabetes


Back health

Improvement of fitness

Scientific studies and assignments in companies prove that…

  • 98% of participants were able to improve their workability index •
  • participants were able to reduce their biological age by at least 7 years after 6 months on average •
  • sick days were reduced by an average of 50% •
  • disease duration has been reduced by an average of 50% •
  • participants significantly improved their metabolic syndrome •
  • participants significantly improved their diabetes risk •
  • 95% of participants have run the rebirth-active program for at least 6 months •
  • the mental health of the participants was significantly improved •

Measurable successes

Great success

for your company

Improvement of work ability
less depressive moods
healthier employees
higher employee satisfaction
higher productivity
less stress

Advantages with rebirth-active for your company:

  • Completely individualized coaching approach for sustainable behavior change
  • Largest number of different therapeutic approaches for employees from a single source, from diabetes prevention up to mental wellness to increased performance
  • Weekly optimization and adaptation of the program to the development of the employee
  • High level of data security and data protection (DSGVO compliant)
  • Anonymized company reports

Long-term health outcomes.

100% guaranteed.

Most of the so-called WHM, WHP, health programs or fitness offerings will settle with you, whether or not your employees participate. The better programs charge a fee, but do not guarantee results.

The effect of rebirth-active has been scientifically proven. We measure ourselves by how well it works for you. That’s why our pricing is tied to the actual health outcomes of your employees.

Join the employers and health insurance companies that have already chosen rebirth-active.

„All around healthier employees contribute significantly to your success.“

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and reduce the health costs of your company significantly tomorrow?

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