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rebirth-active offers individual health services to its customers based on your own personal state of health, goals and daily routine.

The future of health

rebirth-active was developed by leading scientists over many years of research. It is the perfect fusion of human experts (doctors, sports scientists, dieticians, biologists and psychologists) with artificial intelligence.

Studies of people between the ages of 8 and 80 prove that they have the greatest impact on improving health of all ages.

100% individualized + efficacy clinically tested

From a medical point of view, a uniform solution for all people can not achieve sustainable health effects. Every human being is unique in his state of health and needs an individual lifestyle intervention.

Just become healthier + fitter

integrated directly into everyday life

Personal plan

+ adaptive

Your individual program will be compiled by a trainer on the basis of your medical data and will permanently adapt to your goals, your available time and your lifestyle.

Dedicated team


Your coaching team will put together your individual fitness, nutrition and regeneration schedule weekly. Via video or text chat, your team will be at your side with practical advice.

Daily statistics


Fitness trackers transfer all important training and lifestyle statistics. With the help of our experts and analysis techniques, you will always be up to date. For a healthier and happier life.

Simple and intuitive

Just connect the rebirth-active App with the fitness tracker. Your health and lifestyle data will then be synchronized and analyzed with the help of our human experts and specially developed artificial intelligence. In this way, you get a permanent overview of all relevant areas: from training to nutrition to health.

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