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Our mission is to help people around the world to lead healthier lives through behavioral change. For this purpose, we at rebirth-active, together with our network of leading scientists, research and develop innovative, personalized concepts. We offer our customers a sustainable health coaching (medicine, exercise, nutrition, psyche) at the highest medical level.

The rebirth-active technologies and services are designed to enable each individual to reach their full potential. We combine the expertise and empathy of real human experts with the possibilities of artificial intelligence (AI).

Based on our comprehensive medical understanding and the goals of our clients, we develop personalized health coaching to achieve successful behavioral change. We help our clients develop healthier habits, reduce their risk of chronic health problems, reverse disease, and re-establish a healthier relationship with themselves.

Our goal is to improve the world of healthcare by helping more than 50 million people to live healthier and happier lives by 2030.

Research and development

for innovative processes and sustainable results.

rebirth-active has taken a leadership position in the development of personalized and comprehensive health programs as part of the Cluster of Excellence REBIRTH, an excellence initiative of the federal and state governments.

Our studies and research have been published in internationally recognized peer reviewed journals, which show that rebirth-active (see also Publications)

•significantly reduces body weight •
•has led to a significant decrease in blood lipids •
•causes an extension of the telomeres •
•causes a significant decrease in fasting glucose levels •
•significantly improves the metabolic syndrome •
•significantly improves the ability to work •
•lowers the biological age by at least 7 years •
•significantly improves pulse wave velocity •
•significantly lowers hypertension •
•reduces waist circumference •
•significantly reduces body fat •
•improves depression •
•significantly improves psychological quality of life •
•significantly improves physical performance •
•significantly reduces the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease •
•significantly improves the work ability index •

Our Team


Eveline N. Sowa-Söhle


Hedwig Theda Boeck

Scientific board

Prof. Dr. med.
Axel Haverich

rebirth-active GmbH
Lister Straße 6
D-30163 Hannover

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