The sustainable health coach

Integrate health directly into your everyday life. Latest scientific findings and a team of experts help you to optimize your health.

Completely personalized health services

Based on your state of health, goals, and daily routine, you will receive analysis and guidance to improve your physical and mental performance.



for your health

We analyze your medical data and lifestyle to generate predictive and personalized programs for you with the help of our health expert and artificial intelligence (AI).

Our service:

result of years of research

Your Companion:

For a sustained
improvement of your health

1. Medical examination
In order to get a holistic overview of your state of health and lifestyle, a team of experts consisting of physicians and sports scientists will carry out the initial examination (first anamnesis).

2. Training
Your individual success program will be compiled by your coaching team based on your goals, your time available and your medical data.

3. Nutrition
Your coaching team provides your individual nutrition plan weekly.

4. Mental health
Your rebirth-active motivational coach will help you achieve your personal health goals.

5. Statistics / success overview
Your individual health parameters are constantly updated with the help of wearables in your App.

6. Live Chat
The rebirth-active experts are available for questions and assistance via video or live chat.

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